Our Mission

The Agile Leadership Academy seeks to grow leaders capable of building and sustaining truly agile organizations.   




Since 2007, our team has supported enterprise agile transformation and trained more than 25,000 people in Lean and Agile methods.  As teams grew Agile from the ground up, we saw a growing need for executive-focused agile mentorship.  We founded the Agile Leadership Academy in 2016 to support Agile leaders, who stand at the helm of true agile transformation.

Learn with peers.

When you enroll in the Agile Leadership Academy, you are joining industry and government experts with a passion for improving lives through changing the way people work.

Based on 15+ years of experience with enterprise Agile adoptions, landmark thought leadership and ideas curated from our founders’ executive networks and summit events, the Agile Leadership Academy prepares senior managers and executives to create and lead an Agile organization. 

We know leaders rely on real stories.

This unique program brings senior executives together for site visits, where they get a unique view into how other organizations are rolling out agile, and get to hear first hand successes and failures.  

With guidance from our mentors, you will instill a common understanding of Lean and Agile practices to align teams, build knowledge, define processes, promote collaboration, improve product quality, and spark innovation.

We hope you'll join us.