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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I join for just one workshop? Yes, Each workshop is a deep dive with learning and networking opportunities. Join the whole Agile Leadership Academy program to experience guided personal growth, site visits, free events, and monthly mentor calls.

Which certification will I earn? Attend Workshop 1 to earn the Scrum Alliance CAL 1 credential. Attend workshop 2 and complete corresponding projects and mentor calls to earn the Scrum Alliance CAL 2 credential.

Can I bring this to my executive team? We can bring this program onsite as a private training, over the course of a year or condensed into your preferred time frame.

What can I expect to learn? This is a leadership journey for executives who are eager to learn how to employ agility at a large scale and want to explore ways to better manage major change initiatives for large enterprises. In the Agile Leadership Academy, you learn how to fix structure to enable culture. Look at your organization through the lens of the digital playing field and explore:

  • ORGANIZATIONAL AGILITY: Evolve processes and structures to enable organizational agility, respond quicker to change and deliver value faster to customers.

  • FAIL FAST, FAIL FORWARD: Develop customer focused, rapid iteration build/measure/learn experiments using lean principles to uncover customer-validated product solutions. customers.

  • DIGITAL PRODUCT LANDSCAPE: Focus on customer touch points to identify your digital product landscape.

  • DEVOPS: Enable your digital delivery pipeline to deliver on cadence and deploy at will to ensure optimum time to market and return on investment.

  • DATA STRATEGY: Uncover new value propositions by mapping customer interactions to validate with experimentation.