Program Overview

This is a fast-paced Lean and Agile leadership series for management and executives building and sustaining adaptable, continuously improving organizations. Choose from one or both 2-day sessions with site visits, custom tools, and mentorship.

Each session begins with a site visit, where we hear from an Agile Leader who has personally led an agile transformation, and can share their personal journey. You get to hear about the joys as well as the pitfalls from one of your peers, who has already been through the agile fire.  Previous site visits have included Capital One Labs, Walmart Labs, The Motley Fool, Fannie Mae, and United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

The second day is a full day workshop. Come ready to dive into case studies in an intense enterprise-focused exploration of Lean & Agile methods.  Craft your Agile leadership strategy alongside other leaders and executives to deliver faster results, higher quality, and unparalleled innovation throughout your company. 


Who should attend

Middle Management to Senior Executives from all departments, in all industries, driving agility within their enterprise


Scrum alliance Certified Agile Leadership

The two Agile Leadership Academy sessions are best taken in sequence, coinciding with the requirements of the Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership credential. Agile Leadership Academy Launching an Agile Transformation session builds a foundation of Agile leadership competency specifically for leaders. Earn Scrum Alliance CAL I after the first session, and complete the requirements of Session 2 to complete your Scrum Alliance CAL credential.  Learn more about the CAL Program. 



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Launching an Agile Transformation

launching an agile transformation - cal i

Explore Agile Leadership foundations and paths to scale Agile methods throughout the organization.

This session is focused on leadership in the Agile organization; supporting leaders in a shift from directive approaches to ones that enable autonomy, mastery and purpose within the ranks of their employees.  You will assess the current state of agility within your organizations and discuss the unique requirements of the agile leader’s role to grow, nurture and scale agile methods.

During the workshop, agile leaders review different scaling frameworks and learn to break down barriers to enterprise agility and develop short-term plans to drive better application of the agile mindset and techniques. To this end, the workshop studies three key leadership factors: people operations, self-management and organizational transformation. Collectively, you will:

  • Explore foundations of Lean & Agile leadership, focusing on what an agile organization entails and how leaders can build, guide, tune and support one.

  • Understand patterns of scaling agility to broaden and deepen agile principles, practices and behaviors at an organizational level.

  • Get to know the Business Agility Sparks™: specific areas to build whole business agility.

You will gain hands-on experience in:

  • Identifying opportunities and gaps in your current Agile adoption

  • Clearly defining your role as a leader in an Agile organization

  • Developing a plan to “steer from the edges” and enable team self-organization

  • Creating concrete steps to improve your personal and organizational agility over the next quarter

  • Designing an Agile Portfolio Board

  • Building dynamic Agile teams supported by a collaborative climate

  • Forecasting and budgeting for Agile projects

  • Choosing a scaling framework or custom approach for your organization based on self-assessment


You will have the experience to:

  • Operate effectively amid uncertainty, complexity and rapid change

  • Find creative solutions through increased self-awareness, a growth mindset and team engagement

  • Develop short-term plans to drive better application of the agile mindset and techniques

  • Confidently launch a plan to scale Agile methods within your organization

  • Build highly engaged teams across distributed environments

  • Launch an Agile VMO™ which can map dependencies across silos

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Driving Business Agility through Agile

driving business agility through agile - cal ii

Agile Leaders build extraordinary teams, communicate with clarity of purpose and achieve extraordinary business outcomes for their customers and their organizations. This Certified Agile Leadership II session will guide you through essential advanced business agility concepts and help drive your organization's Agile action plan.

This two-day session focuses on building a culture of innovation and expanding the Agile mindset and methods to all teams and departments.  Get mentor support as you complete projects and fulfill CAL requirements.  Learn about new organizational models and apply agile to business operations while discovering ways to enable faster feedback and customer engagement.

  • Ensure the organization is able to solve the right customer problems, build the right products and offer the right services.

  • Discover an agile leader’s role in modern management, exploring arenas like people operations and new feedback methods. 

On day 2, get to know Business Agility Sparks™ like the Agile Value Management Office™ and End-to-End Value Stream Teams.  Develop short-term plans to drive better application of the agile mindset and techniques to product management and design practices.  Participants explore organizational agility, agile methods’ applications outside of technology, what it means to have agile HR, and the role that deep technical capabilities like DevOps play in an agile organization.

This highly interactive session is aimed at helping participants create personalized plans that can be put directly into action following the workshop.  A rich combination of discussions with peers, lecture, movies, micro-exercises and more ensure that participants are both engaged and entertained.  Leaders assess the current state of agility within their organizations and discuss the unique requirements of the agile leader’s role.  During the workshop, agile leaders develop short-term plans to drive better application of the agile mindset and techniques.

You will gain hands-on experience in:

  • Assessing your organization’s Agile maturity beyond the IT function

  • Mapping a next-level management structure based on Frederic Laloux’s Reinventing Organizations

  • Developing Agile Marketing strategies for rapid experimentation

  • Using the whole team to drive product design

  • Prototyping and testing ideas before funding them

  • Getting feedback through real-life usage and empirical data

You will have the experience to:

  • Introduce Agile methods to business functions beyond IT

  • Create a plan for Agile performance management plan founded in hiring, growing and developing Agile teams

  • Understand the basics of DevOps and plan an infrastructure supporting Agile engineering and CI/CD

  • Organize around products vs projects to focus on value delivery

  • Break common barriers to enterprise innovation

  • Implement customer-centric modern design methods like Lean UX, Lean Startup and Design Thinking

Bringing in outside resources to help [the team] understand what agile means, and what it means from a business agility perspective, is absolutely instrumental.

2 Sessions

Launching an Agile Transformation 

Driving Business Agility through Agile Leadership

Each session includes:

  • Site Visit to see Agile in action

  • 3 monthly mentor calls

  • Take home project & guidance

  • Path to Scrum Alliance CAL Credentials







Expert mentors with decades of direct agile experience

Case Studies

Case studies of agile adoption in enterprises across industries


A practical agile leadership toolkit that makes complex situations manageable


Cutting edge guidance on the application of agility across all facets of a business, not just software development